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An exclusive research looking at the online giving experience of 57 leading nonprofits from the eyes of a Hispanic donor.

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This research is motivated by a major demographic change happening among North American donors. Census and Nielsen data point to the same conclusion: Hispanic donors are a growing and affluent population.

Yet many nonprofits are not prepared to communicate their value propositions to Hispanics, hence losing donors as a result.
When we went to 57 different organizations as Hispanic, Spanish speaking donors, most of them struggled to communicate to us at all, let alone give a compelling reason for Why Should Hispanics Give to You?

If your organization needs help to answering this question across your communication channels, this study will be tremendously helpful to you.

After considering the results of this study, you’ll have the information you need to address these critical areas that can transform your fundraising program to Hispanics:

  • What is our organization’s value proposition for Hispanics?
  • How do we evaluate our value proposition for Hispanics?
  • How do we optimize our value proposition for Hispanics?


“The future of digital fundraising is in the Hispanic community. This
king study provides insightful and very practical ways to unlock the giving hearts of this important donor group.”

Ivan Leon
Founder & Chief Strategist
Lead Researcher
Kerux Group
Tim Kachuriak
Chief Innovation & Optimization Officer
Research Advisor
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After analyzing the donation pages of 57 nonprofits across 9 verticals, we found that…

75% of nonprofits across all verticals do not have a donation page contextualized for Hispanic donors.

100% of organizations across all verticals do not have WhatsApp number.

41.6% of the organizations completely ignored our request.